1. Instead, referencing gaming and gaming culture in her music is part of Grae’s philosophy of their being no rules in life. (“I don’t wait on line. I’m the person who travels with zero photo ID. People ask, how did you get on the plane? I’m like, just because you can. You’ve gotta try harder!”) Making an exception for baking (“Because you can’t really switch up the ingredients. Keep that traditional.”) the same applies to what’s in her lyrics. “I think ignore the audiences for everything. Especially being a black female, a woman of colour, it’s not really thought about [the fact] that I’ve been watching King Of Kong, or that I want to talk about other things on records. I think it doesn’t have to be one target audience, it can cross genres, it can cross boundaries, and cross continents. That’s the way I like to deal with life, and I guess it translates to the music.”