1. The thing that fascinates me about birds is that they’re the last bit of nature that’s able to cohabitate with us," Dallas explains several months later, of his ongoing fascination with all things feathered. "At the same time, they’re both familiar and a little terrifying. It’s basically surrealism: the thing that’s familiar to you, but also pretty crazy when you look at a little closer.

    Whitespace: The man behind ‘The Unfinished Swan’ | The Verge

    That first bit is horseshit, although interesting horseshit. There’s asstons of nature “cohabiting” with humanity everywhere. However, in an urban environment, I think it is easy to feel that birds represent “nature” in a way that weeds, rats, bugs, and other equally natural (or unnatural) life forms do not. There is an avian mystique at work.

    I am by no means immune to this fallacy. Er, quite the contrary, in fact. (See: this and that.)

    (Also, I am pretty excited about this game.)