1. Writing’s hard. That’s why only Aaron Sorkin and F’Scott Fitzgerald can do it.

    Cleveland Show, I love you.

    1. Donna: "When mommy and daddy put a sock on their doorknob, we do not bother them, no matter how bad the dream was, or how thirsty we are."
    2. Cleveland: "Or how much we hear what sounds like a mugging in progress."
    3. Donna: "Or what sounds like wet chicken breasts slappin' against each other."
    4. Cleveland: "Hmm. Or a boot being pulled out of the mud."
    5. Donna: "Ooh, or like someone mixing macaroni and cheese." ....
    6. Rallo: "So let me get this right, you make a baby with mud, chicken, and mac & cheese?"
    7. Jr.: "That's what Paula Deen is made of."
    8. Rallo: "Hah, got her."
  2. Cleveland Show summarizes Glee

    1. Jr.: "Maybe I'll tell her you've been lying."
    2. Hunter: "Maybe I'll tell her *you've* been lying."
    3. Jr.: "You're a monster!"
    4. Hunter: "I just said what you said."
    5. Jr.: "Fair enough."
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    1. Roberta: What? I'm not doing that, this weekend is QUAMMPF.
    2. Donna: The Queercore Underground Afrobeat Microhouse Memphis Soul Post-Meta-Folk Festival? I don't think so. Nineteen teenage girls got killed there last year according to the CSI episode that was loosely based on it.
    3. Cleveland: I'm more of a Columbo guy. ::covers eye:: Hey! Where's those criminals?